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RV Education 101 Press Room

January 2016
RV Education 101 stays ahead of the curve
“The big evolution has been through the different systems and delivery from various types of media,” said Mark Polk.... Read More ..More
January 2016
RV Education 101 updates training videos
“Some of our RV training video productions date back to 2001. A lot can change in that amount of time, so we made the decision to update our entire RV training library," said Mark Polk. ..More
October 2015
RV Education 101 completes vintage restorations
"One of my passions is restoring classic automobiles so I thought it would be really cool to restore a time period correct classic truck to tow our vintage 1967 Yellowstone travel trailer," said Polk. "After the travel trailer project was finished, I thought it was only fitting to find and restore a time period correct classic truck to tow the vintage trailer." ..More
September 2015
RV Education 101 releases new video app
RV Education 101 developed the new video app which is faster, more convenient and provides additional functionality, like the capability to download videos directly to a device for offline viewing ..More
May 2015
RV Education 101 launches DIY video series
"Keystone RV loaned us a Keystone Passport travel trailer to use in the video production updates. I thought, while we had the travel trailer why not produce an RV DIY video series that would be beneficial to RV owners who want to do some simple do-it-yourself projects on their RVs," said Mark Polk ..More
April 2015
RV Education 101 launches green RVing video series
"In the Green RV Series finale we discuss what we as campers can do to contribute to the green RV experience during our stay at the campground," Polk explained. "This includes topics like energy savings, water savings, recycling, and using eco-friendly tank treatments and cleaning supplies." ..More
March 2015
RV Education 101 videos surpass 4 million views
"In the past two years, our instant video download sales increased from 10 percent to over 25 percent of our total video sales business, and we expect those percentages to increase dramatically in the near future," said Polk. ..More
November 2014
Dawn and Mark Polk, from RV Education 101, on Podcast 031
The video was so well received, the Polk's launched RV Education 101 and eventually developed more than a dozen training videos for travel trailers, motorhomes and all the components on them. They have also developed a video series on how to restore an old travel trailer, and how they are creating instructional videos in partnership with some of the biggest supplier names in the RV industry. ..More
May 2014
KOA, RV Education 101 present video packing list
In this fun RV video, Mark Polk, KOA resident expert and the owner of RV Education 101, offers his Top 10 list of items RV owners forget to take on camping trips. What items are on your list? ..More
May 2013
RV Education 101 releases digital RV Product Catalog
RV Education 101 just made it easier for RV owners and RV dealers to view its RV educational offerings by releasing a digital RV Product Catalog, according to co-owner Mark Polk ..More
March 2013
RV Education 101 launches Auto Education 101 site
"I have considered a spin-off of our RV Education 101 training site for automobile enthusiasts for quite some time now," Polk added. "Auto Education 101 is a blog site where folks can learn more about auto care and maintenance topics while also enjoying classic car and truck restorations, truck reviews, product installation videos and other useful and fun information car and truck enthusiasts are interested in.” ..More
November 2012
RV Education 101 explores ST vs LT tire debate
(Nov. 9, 2012) -- "I think it’s important to discuss issues concerning towing safety. Some folks take a hard line on certain topics, and this is one of them," said Polk. "I wanted to offer some unbiased views on this subject so RV owners can make an educated decision about what type of tires are best suited for their travel trailer or fifth wheel trailer ..More
October 2012
RV Education 101 publishes 2013 sneak peek edition
The October edition of RV Consumer provides exclusive coverage of 2013 model year RVs. RV Education 101 owner Mark Polk stated, “While attending America’s largest RV show in Hershey, Pa., I wanted to focus on RV trends and RV models the RV consumer and enthusiast can expect to see in 2013, a sneak peek if you will.” ..More
August 2012
RV Education 101 offers free videos for RV dealer
There are more than 70 videos available, and RV dealers can "borrow" any or all of them to put on their websites. Perhaps the dealership only sells towables. If so, they can find content on hitch work, towing and safety. Maybe their staff fields a lot of questions each week about dumping RV tanks. There's a video showing exactly how to do it the right way ..More
May 2012
RV Education 101 launches summer safety program
"As part of our JUST RV IT campaign we designed our 2012 RV 101 RV Summer Safety Awareness Program. Our goal with the Summer Safety Awareness Program is to provide RV owners with pertinent RV safety related articles, information and a free online RV Safety E-Course to help keep folks safe when they are out enjoying their RV travel adventures," said Polk ..More
May 2012
Valterra, RV Education 101 develop training videos
“We’re thrilled with our continuing partnership with RV Education 101," said Donna Warr, Valterra’s sales manager. "These videos promote our new and continuing RV product lines by helping to educate RV owners, making their RV experiences more enjoyable. It’s a win-win for both Valterra and the RVers who use our products” ..More
February 2013
RV Trader Partners with RV Education 101
RV Trader and RV Education 101 team up to provide helpful RV tips, products, services and information on RVs for sale ..More
January 2013
Vintage Trailer Restoration - 17 Episodes Now on DVD
Mark's RV Garage 17 episode award winning series is an entertaining and educational RV how-to series presented by RV Education 101. Host Mark Polk gives you an inside look into RV’s, RV Products, RV product installations, RV upgrades, RV destinations, RV Trivia, & much more. The highlight throughout the RV how-to series is a vintage trailer restoration project. Mark and his son Tyler decide a "fixer upper" project would be fun, but soon discover their project trailer would require more than a few weekends to complete. Follow the epic 7 month-long fun educational and entertaining journey as Mark and Tyler demo the vintage trailer down to the frame and then rebuild to its former glory ..More
July 2012
How-To RV Video DVDs are now available as DOWNLOADS
ANNOUNCING our popular and best selling How-To RV Video DVDs are now available as DOWNLOADS to your computer or tablet. These Video downloads are instant downloads to your computer so you can watch them immediately after purchasing. Once your payment method is approved, you’ll be redirected to the download page ..More
September 2011
RV Education 101 Releases Finale of Mark's RV Garage
After 16 bimonthly episodes, the highly anticipated season one finale of Mark's RV Garage was released today revealing the completed vintage trailer restoration project for the very first time. "Our viewers have been following the progress on the vintage trailer restoration since day one, and we are excited to reveal the finished product," said Mark Polk, the show's producer ..More
April 2011
Episode No. 5 of Mark's RV Garage goes live
In Episode Five of Mark's RV Garage, viewers will: learn how to protect their RVs from power surges and improper campground wiring, get some great tips for extending the life of RV holding tanks and for controlling odors. and get some answers on how to protect RV awnings ..More
April 2011
RV Education 101: More Than Filling a Gap
Working in the RV industry since he was 15 years old, Mark Polk had learned a lot about what the RV market had to offer - including what it didn’t" ..More
March 2011
Episode #4 "Mark's RV Garage" RV How-To Internet TV Show
Video producer and founder of RV Education 101, Mark Polk stated, "Between hosting episodes of the show on our "RV Videos On Demand" site and posting them on You Tube, episodes one through three have had over 17,000 views collectively in the last month and a half. We are pleased with the progress and the steady increase in viewers with each new episode we release ..More
March 2011
New RV "How-To" Show Series Carving Niche in Online Entertainment
Video producer, RVer and host Mark Polk of RV Education 101 teaches new and experienced RVers how to use, maintain and accessorize their RV in this entertaining and information packed 30 minute television style online show called "Mark's RV Garage" ..More
Feb 2011
RV How-To Internet TV Show "Mark's RV Garage" Episode #3
"We were very pleased with how the first episode of the show was received by viewers," said Polk. "Episode No. 2 is packed with great information on a variety of RV topics for the RV consumer." ..More
Feb 2011
RV Education 101 Releases Episode #2 of "Mark's RV Garage"
Mark Polk, video producer and founder of the long standing RV Education 101 instructional video series explained the new show like this, "We have been producing RV how-to videos and video downloads for a long time now. We understand the RV consumer wants information on specific RV topics and that they want it now. With today’s technology, the most effective method for delivering what the RV consumer wants is through an RV how-to Internet TV program" ..More
Feb 2011
RV Education 101 Releases First Episode of "Mark's RV Garage"
Mark’s RV Garage will feature RV product reviews, RV product installations, EZ RV upgrade projects, a vintage trailer restoration project, RV destination spot and more as the show progresses ..More
Feb 2011
RV Education 101 launches RV How-To Internet TV Show
Mark Polk, video producer and founder of the long standing RV Education 101 instructional video series explained the new show like this, "We have been producing RV how-to videos and video downloads for a long time now. We understand the RV consumer wants information on specific RV topics and that they want it now. With today’s technology, the most effective method for delivering what the RV consumer wants is through an RV how-to Internet TV program" ..More
Dec 2010
RV Education 101 launches new RV consumer site
RV Education 101, founded in 1999, announced the launch of a new RV consumer training site today. The URL is www.rvconsumer.com. Mark Polk, founder and co-owner of RV Education 101, said, "We have worked on this RV consumer site for several months now, and are extremely excited to finally launch it. The site is tagged as "The Ultimate RV Education Center." Polk says, "This site is a culmination of all of our RV training efforts over the past decade, and is a one-stop RV training site for the entire RV consumer’s training needs. One day I realized that if I consolidated all of our RV training material into one RV training site, it would in fact be the premier RV education center." ..More
Aug 2010
RV Education 101 releases an Online RV Training Program
The Go for the RV Gold program was designed to be a self-paced, fun RV training program offering the consumer over 45 one-on-one RV training videos, 50 feature articles, 60 RV tips, member discounts and much more. You can't beat this type of personalized RV education training. It’s the only online RV training program that teaches you everything you need to know about your RV at such a reasonable cost, and totally at your leisure with no deadlines. There is no driving to get to the training location, no crowded classrooms and no time restraints to complete the specialized RV training ..More
July 2010
For RV Education 101, training is fundamental
"I'll never understand why every RV dealer doesn't include one of Mark's DVD's with a sale. It seems to me they would pay for themselves in a short time"~ Chris Bryant "I agree with Chris. Although our dealer spent 3 hours on our walk through only about 50% stayed with me. I did buy Mark's DVD and it saved me on just one simple issue with our awning operation. Late on a Saturday night means the dealer is not available. The DVD was! Let's just say it saved a lot of frustration between me and my significant other. Marriage counselors might benefit from something similar! LOL." ~ Dan Bowles The new digital age allowed RV Education 101 to grow even faster as more and more customers discovered the convenience of receiving quality training from the comfort of their living room ..More
September 2009
RV Education 101 releases 17th instructional DVD -- An Introduction to RVs
Mark Polk, the producer and host of the RV instructional video series said, “We have produced DVD’s on every facet of RV’s imaginable, but I realized there were still a lot of people out there that don’t know just how fun and exciting RVing can be. With this new DVD title I wanted to introduce everybody to RV’s, what they are, what to look for when buying one, and let them in on the best kept travel secret in America ..More
October 2008
RV Education 101 and Valterra Products Enhance RV Starter Kits to Improve RV Dealer Customer Satisfaction Ratings
RV Education 101, an educational video production company and Valterra Products, a leading RV Parts and Accessories Supplier team up to offer a low cost effective solution to RV dealers by providing RV education material and essential starter kit items together in one package ..More
September 2008
RV Education 101 Hits Milestone Selling Over 35,000 Copies of The RV Book
RV How-To book by RV Education 101 sells beyond expectations. Self-published author Mark Polk sells over 36,000 copies of "The RV Book" through major retailers like Wal-mart, Camping World Super Centers and top performing websites like rvbookstore.com ..More
August 2008
RV Education 101 Offers Fifteen Instructional DVDs for RV Owners
RV Education 101, founded in 1999 by Mark and Dawn Polk, released its fifteenth instructional DVD to assist in educating RV owners. Mark Polk, the producer and host of the video series said, "I think we finally covered the entire gamut of RV ownership. We started this company because of the lack of information available to the RV consumer on how to use and maintain their RV's ..More
June 2008
RV Education 101 Teaches RV Consumers How to Drive a Motorhome Like a Pro
When most people were taught to drive they were just taught the hows and not the whys. Teaching the whys or the mechanics of driving gives you the tools and skills you can apply to any vehicle or any driving situation. The purpose of this video is to help instruct you on how to drive your motorhome like a pro. ..More
April 2008
Read A New View Every Day - in the New York Times
For some on-the-go second-home owners, maintaining their weekend getaways means checking the tire pressure and maybe changing the oil. Their second homes are recreational vehicles, a category that includes almost anything on wheels that has a bed, from half-million-dollar motor homes to pop-up trailers. Mark Polk of Fayetteville, N.C., has written "The RV Book" and put together 15 DVDs, all about how to maintain RVs (available at www.rveducation101.com). "I get asked 50 questions a week by e-mail," he said, adding that the maintenance problems that he hears about most often involve roofs ..More
March 2008
RV Education 101 DVD's Clear the Consumer Confusion on RV Towing Options
RV Education 101 instructional DVD's educate the RV Consumer on how to safely tow a trailer or dinghy. There is much to be learned about this topic, but what seemed to be intimidating at one time, is now just a matter of educating yourself and doing things safely and properly ..More
September 2007
RV Education 101 Seminar Series - DVD Training Expands at a Rapid Pace
RV Educaton 101 adds 2 new DVD titles to their RV seminar series. "RV Safety Features, Tips & Tricks" and "RV Awning Use, Care & Accessories", brings the company's training library to a total of fourteen RV instructional videos ..More
June 2007
RV and Boat Deep Cycle Batteries Die Before They Should
RV Education 101 introduces a comprehensive process to step-by-step learning with a new DVD seminar series. The latest DVD title in the series, "Deep Cycle Battery Care & Maintenance", brings the company's training library to a total of twelve RV instructional videos. Mark Polk, the owner said, "Show me an RVer or boater who hasn't had problems with deep cycle batteries and I'll show you someone who hasn't been RVing or boating for very long." ..More
May 2007
RV Owners Learn How to Avoid Emergency Maintenance Repairs
It can be hard for RV owners to know exactly what to do or where to get correct information. RV Expert Mark Polk, owner of RV Education 101, provides essential RV Education via training videos and instant downloads. RV Education 101 recently released two new DVD titles, "RV Care & Maintenance" and "RV Upgrades", bringing the company's training library to a total of 11 RV instructional DVDs ..More
March 2007
SpokesmanReview.com / Wheel Life: Videos show you the way to RVing
Julianne Crane, Staff writer
'Things have been wild since we got the Wal-Mart account a couple of months ago," says Mark Polk over his cell phone, somewhere along "an old country road in North Carolina." Polk and his wife, Dawn, are owners of RV Education 101, a company that produces videos, DVDs and E-books on how to use various types of recreational vehicles. "We are a very small company, well, basically it's just Dawn and I," says Polk, "and it's almost been overwhelming with the initial launch. But things are starting to calm down and our feet are back on the ground." ..More
March 2007
As seen in Wheel Life blog by Julianne Crane
'RV Education 101' expands reach...Mark and Dawn Polk founded RV Education 101, a company that produces videos, DVDs and E-books on how to use various types of recreational vehicles. Recently they announced their DVDs and The RV Book were picked up the RV-friendly Wal-Mart stores ..More
March 2007
RV Education 101 Book and DVD's Now in Major Retail Stores
RV Education 101, is expanding its audience to its ongoing commitment of educating RVers across the country. M ark and Dawn Polk, owners of RV Education 101, announced that their RV training videos and Polk's updated edition of "The RV Book" are now available in Wal-Mart stores, Camping World SuperCenters, and RV Dealerships across the country. Mark Polk stated, "For several years our primary method for retailing our products was by way of the Internet. We are extremely excited to have our products on quality retail store shelves like Wal-Mart and Camping World SuperCenters. This will afford us a wonderful opportunity to reach a broader market with our RV training products ..More
February 2007
RV How-To Video Producer offers Cutting Edge Instant Video Downloads for Consumers
With all of today’s technology consumers want instant access to the products they purchase. Over the past few years instant download e-books were the craze and this instant gratification is currently moving in the direction of video. "With instant video downloads we not only eliminate the waiting period and shipping charges, but we can offer the video downloads at a lower price because there is less overhead involved. ..More
October 2006
The Nations Number One Producer of RV Instructional Videos Releases New
RV Campground DVD...An Enticing Lure to the Great Outdoors
RV Expert Mark Polk, seen on TV, is the producer & host of America's most highly regarded series of DVD's, videos, books, and e-books takes a look into the “how to’s” of camping in a Recreation Vehicle (RV). RV Education 101 announces the release of a new DVD titled "RV Campground Basics". Before you start exploring these public and private campgrounds across America, you need to determine how you plan to use your RV and where you plan to use it. This DVD will explain all of your options and much more ..More
July 2006
RV Education 101 Expands E-book Series with a New Title
"RV Campground Basics"
RV Education 101, an RV training video and information company, founded in 1999 by Mark and Dawn Polk reveal that the best kept secret for traveling in America is by a Recreation Vehicle (RV). Over 8 million households in America have already discovered this safe, cost effective, hassle-free way to see more of this beautiful country we live in. RV Education 101 announces the release of a new e-book titled "RV Campground Basics" written to introduce RVers to the wonderful world of getting the most enjoyment out of camping in your RV ..More
March, 2006
New Trivia Contest Will Challenge Campers
The KOA Camper Trivia Challenge, which will run from May 1 through August 13, offers more than $70,000 in daily, weekly and monthly prizes, including free camping from KOA, camping cook books from Campfire Café, family travel games from Patch Products, merchandise from Camping World and "how to" books and DVD's from RV Education 101 and Gibbsmith Publishing. "This is going to be one of the largest outdoors-related trivia contests that exists," said Tracy Kern, KOA’s director of digital marketing. "We can't wait to watch players win prizes every day as they test their camping IQ."

RV Education 101 is pleased to be part of such a fun new online RV learning challenge! ..More

February, 2006
RV Education 101 Simplifies RV Ownership by Releasing RV DVD Value Packs
For six years RV Education 101 has been the leader in educating RV owners on how to use and maintain their RV. To make the daunting task of RV ownership even easier, RV Education 101 just released RV DVD Value Packs equal to almost three hours of one-on-one RV instruction. Mark Polk is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer Three, specializing in wheeled and track vehicle fleet maintenance operations. His 30 plus years in maintenance include an extensive RV background working in RV service, sales and management. He writes monthly RV articles for Camping World, KOA and RV Travel. Mark is well respected in the RV industry, having top RV companies support and endorse RV Education 101’s efforts for RV consumer training awareness. ... ..More
January, 2006
The RV Book: A Newly Released Guide to Understanding and Enjoying RV’s
Mark Polk, the author, said "I wrote The RV Book to help make the readers RV experiences safe, fun and stress free. We purchase RV’s so we can travel to new destinations, relax and build lasting memories with our family and friends. But, nothing will ruin a trip or a vacation quicker than not understanding how to properly use and maintain your RV. Buying an RV is a major investment and a new RVer can be overwhelmed when just starting out. What type of RV is right for me? How do I tow or drive an RV? How do I safely use an RV? How do I take care of my new RV? I have gathered and researched all of the information, into one place, to simplify the entire process of RV ownership for the RV consumer. .....; . .... ..More
January 1, 2006
Towing Safely Behind a Motorhome: RV Education 101 Releases New DVD
The purpose and goal of this DVD, is to teach people how to properly and safely tow a dinghy, and to assist them in making the right decisions to meet their particular towing needs. Now you can learn everything you need to know about towing behind your motorhome the easy way, by video. Dawn Polk added, "With the RV training videos RV owners can review them as many times as needed. We feel education is the single most important thing you can do for yourself. RV'ing is truly a magical way to get the most out of life!" ..... ..More
December, 2005
RV Education 101 Releases a New E-book: How to Buy an RV, Before you Buy it
Mark Polk adds another e-book to RV Education 101's e-book library which will now total eight. Polk will walk you through the entire process of buying an RV, before you buy it. This e-book is loaded with valuable information and teaches you how avoid making costly mistakes. Polk covers everything from knowing what your needs are to signing on the dotted line. Learn which type of RV is right for you, how to select the right RV dealer, tips on negotiating the price, finance terms and interest rates, extended service plans and much more. When you're finally ready to go shopping for the perfect RV there is a valuable buyer's checklist included so nothing is overlooked. Take control of your RV buying experience .......More
July 8, 2005
RV Education 101 Releases New DVD: Travel Trailer / 5th Wheel 101
Polk states the problem is RV dealers can't typically allocate enough time to properly educate every one of their customers about the basic operations and safety aspects of an RV. He said, "Even when they do make a sincere effort to do so, consumers often find themselves with their head in a whirl trying to take in the vast amount of information involving everything from appliances, campground set-up, holding tanks, slide-outs and the general maintenance and safe operation of the RV itself. Think of how many times it took you to memorize the words of your favorite song before you could sing along. Sixteen or more times maybe? Learning how to operate an RV works the same way." .......More
July 06, 2005
RV Education 101's new sister site; RV University, Learn about RV’s a Fun New Way
RV University.com was started because learning is not always fun. Mark and Dawn Polk wanted to make the process of education more accessible and lighthearted with an online education center giving access to instant RV information. "At the U of RV we offer you the opportunity to learn a few things that you may not already know, through our "Just for Fun" RV Education 101 RV degree program. If you successfully complete our "Just for Fun" program you will receive your authentic looking "Certificate of Completion" to proudly display in your RV" said Dawn Polk. .......More
July 05, 2005
New RV Dealer Demo DVD - a full program for RV Dealers
RV Education 101 announced a new RV Dealer demo DVD to help in understanding the promotion of educating RVers. Mark Polk stated "RV Education 101’s goal is simple, assisting and educating the RV consumer on how to use and maintain their RV." He goes on to say "It is our thoughts that a satisfied and educated RV owner will stay actively involved in the RV lifestyle and that all of their RV experiences should be safe and fun rather than unpleasant and stressful." .......More
April 18, 2005
RVTV and RV Education 101’s RV Savvy Segments go High Definition in July of 2005
RVTV began airing on the Outdoor Channel in December 2004. Midway through the first season RVTV announced it has been renewed for twenty-six new episodes beginning in July 2005 on The Outdoor Channel 2 HD. The Outdoor Channel is a national television network dedicated to providing the best in traditional outdoor programming to America's 82 million anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Based on October 2004 Nielsen Media Research, The Outdoor Channel's universe is approximately 26.2 million subscriber homes, delivered through a combination of cable and satellite dish viewers. The Outdoor Channel will soon launch a new and separate network to cable and satellite audiences, offering its popular outdoor programming entirely in high definition. Outdoor Channel 2 HD is set to debut in July 2005 and will offer programming both shared and independent of the existing Outdoor Channel ........More
February 10, 2005
Independent RV Companies Unite to Form the Circle of Trust (COT) RV Family
Having worked closely together for many years, Anne Pierson of Happy Camper, along with Mark and Dawn Polk of RV Education 101, created a means to make this possible. The RV Lotto was established, (www.rvlotto.com), a free online game with RV-related prizes, featuring a $5,000 grand prize shopping spree. Matt Burt, with All Merchant Services and a Circle of Trust co-founder designed the RV Lotto. Burt stated, “This is the first RV Lotto game I’ve ever seen. I think the concept of giving RV related prizes instead of cash prizes will be very successful with the RV consumers.” . ......More
November 1, 2004
RV Education 101 Provides RV Savvy Segments for New RVTV Show in 2005
The RVTV film crew made a trip to North Carolina to shoot RV Savvy segments for the first U.S. season. Mark and I hit it off right away, and I was thrilled to be a freshman at the U of RV. said Engman. Polk added, The biggest challenge with the RV Savvy segments was shortening the subject matter to fit in to the allotted time frame. The RVTV website will feature a more detailed article written by Polk on each of the weekly RV Savvy topics....More
October 4, 2004
Company Focuses on Education and Safety in $12 Billion RV Industry
RV Education 101, celebrating five years in business, produces professional Recreation Vehicle (RV) training videos and DVD’s on how to use and maintain the systems of an RV. The owner’s Mark and Dawn Polk stated there is not enough emphasis placed on properly educating the consumer on the complexities of operating an RV.....More
December 10, 2002
KOA Sponsors RV Education 101 Training Video Productions
Ken Stellmacher, KOA’s Vice President for Marketing, made the connection after reviewing a training video produced by RV Education 101. He wanted to develop a working relationship between the two companies. Stellmacher said, This is a terrific way for KOA to show our support for the RV industry. These videos help ensure that today’s RVer is properly educated on how to use their equipment. With interest in RVing at an all-time high, we’re excited to team with the leader in RV education....More
August 16, 2001
RV Education 101 and Pop Up Times Combine Efforts for a New RV Video Release
Dave Newhouse, the Editor for Pop Up Times Magazine was so impressed with the RV Education 101 Travel Trailer and Motor Home productions that he contacted the company. Newhouse said, I called Mark Polk, the owner, and told him we should combine efforts and make a video on pop ups... ..More
November 3, 2000
RV Training Videos Receive Good Reviews from Campground Associations
The company unexpectedly discovered a strong market for the videos in the RV campground sector when Polk was contacting some RV related Internet sites about selling their products. He said, I stumbled upon a list of campgrounds and decided to contact some of the owners about the videos.....More
March 12, 2000
RV Education 101 Produces Videos to Help RV Dealers Educate Consumers
That’s where the idea for the videos came from. Polk said, When you conduct a walk-through of the unit the customer only retains about 25% of the information given. To provide that exceptional service after the sale you give the customer a complimentary video with the dealerships label on it. It’s a small price to pay and every time the customer watches the video they’re reminded of the dealership. .....More
December 01, 1999
The Birth of a Company, RV Education 101
A new company, RV Education 101, has entered into the rapidly growing RV Industry. The company produces professional training videos on how to use and maintain your Recreation Vehicle (RV). Mark Polk, the owner, was the Sales Manager for an RV dealership in North Carolina for several years.....More
February 2004 Issue
Read the feature article in Highways magazine about RV Education 101
The video was so good, Dragan says, that she watched it five times and gleaned enough information from it that she felt she and her husband could safely operate the unit. So they headed back to the dealership and purchased a 27-foot slideout-equipped SunLine travel trailer that they planned to tow with their Toyota Tundra...
October 2004
Read the breaking news story in RV Business about RV Education 101
“They (the videos) work out well for us,” said George Leduc, general sales manager of Longview RV in North Hampton, Mass. “We’ve had them for three years. And we try to make sure our customers get them before delivery. “They find them immensely helpful. They (watch them) and write down any questions they may have. And then, when they come in for the orientation, they’re light years ahead of where they would otherwise be.” ...
December 2004
Read about the RVTV launch and RV Education 101’s Mark Polk RV Savvy segments in RV News
“We think one of the most popular parts of the show will be Mark Polk’s RV Savvy segments. Mark brings tremendous industry experience and knowledge to our audience. Although most known for his RV Education 101 series of instructional videos that are used for dealer and rental companies to reinforce customer training on their RV, we wanted to expand beyond that on the (RVTV) program.”....
February 11, 2005
Read about Small, Independent RV Firms Form Alliance in RV Business
“We are in the very early stages, but this is going to be an association, more or less, that will offer a way for independent RV companies to have a way to advertise and promote themselves in a low-cost fashion,” said co-founder Mark Polk, Fayetteville, N.C., president of RV Education 101, a company that produces instructional videos for RVers. . ......More
July, 2005
Read about RVTV and RV Education 101’s RV Savvy Segments
Go High Definition
RVTV began airing on the Outdoor Channel in December 2004. Midway through the first season RVTV announced it has been renewed for twenty-six new episodes beginning in July 2005 on The Outdoor Channel 2 HD. RV Education 101 featuring Mark Polk is proud to be doing the RV SAVVY tip segments. . . ......More
November, 2004
Polks Help Drive RV Show on Outdoor Channel
Mark Polk, says Engman, was just a good fit. Polk runs the RV information video company RV Education 101 with his wife, Dawn, from their Fayetteville home and their own RV. Engman, who had sold his TV show "RVTV" to cable's Outdoor Channel, wanted someone who could answer readers' concerns about RV equipment, maintenance and lifestyle issues. ''We didn't really consider anyone else," said Engman, speaking from the offices of his company, Bullet Digital, in Toronto, Ontario. ''We were looking for someone who had experience being in front of a camera; someone who was knowledgeable and personable" said Engman......More
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