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Learn about your Motor Home the easy way

Host Mark Polk

So you are thinking about buying a Motorhome, or you have already bought one. If you bought it from an RV Dealer, you probably received a walkthrough, but you have no idea what was said! You can't remember what they told you about the refrigerator and the water heater.

Now you're not sure if you understand all of the onboard systems. Lighting the water heater alone is enough to make your head spin! What did they say about the awning? You probably took notes, but now you realize you might have heard something differently.

Well, you can relax. The host of the video Mark Polk has dealt with these type of questions and concerns over and over again when he was a sales manager for an RV dealership. He felt that a video/DVD was the perfect way to address the RV consumers concerns. With this kind of thorough visual training, you can now relax and watch the video/DVD as many times as it takes to master your RV!

Through charts, hands on and easy to understand instructions this video will walk you through your Motorhome from the time you leave your home, until your trip is over and everything in between!

Mark will give you the "what" and "why" of the overwhelming 3 primary systems of the RV:

  • The LP gas system
  • The Water system
  • The Electrical system

You will learn about campground hook-ups, leveling the RV and slide-out operation. What you need to know about the gray and black water holding tanks, checking for gas leaks, how to operate and maintain the generator and much more.

Mark will give you important safety cautions and warnings.

You also need to learn about the TV connections and antenna, sleeping arrangements, awning operation and how to use the appliances.

This is a small price to pay to keep from learning it the hard way through trial and error. In the long run this sixty minute video/DVD will save you many headaches and frustrations. You deserve to educate yourself now so you will be safely prepared later.

Let Mark Polk give you your personal walkthrough as many times as you like!

RV Education 101 videos also make great gifts for any RVer.

VHS $21.95      -      DVD $24.95       -       BUY NOW

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